Hoot System Troubleshooting

A primary advantage of a Hoot Aerobic system is its solid state computer that constantly monitors and controls the system. The system has a number of sensors and it even has the ability to correct some system faults itself. However, should a failure in the system be detected, the control panel provides an audible alarm and a light will indicate the general type of failure.

Before placing a trouble call, there are a few things a home owner can do:

  1. The first step after a fault occurs is to silence the audible alarm. At this point it has done its job in alerting you to a problem. Go to the control panel and press the button labeled "SILENCE ALARM".

  2. Next, you should note the fault light that is lit. The control panel has a green light at the top that indicates the system is ok. This light is followed by three red lights that indicate a system alarm, a water level problem, or an aeration problem. The last amber light is a low chlorine warning.

  3. If the fault being reporting is a chlorine warning, simply add two chlorine tables or the required about of liquid chlorine and the light will go off. If the light continues to burn, you will need to place a service call.

  4. Before attempting any repairs or adjustments to the system, you should reset the system. Near the control center and usually adjacent to the house is the system's electrical disconnect box. This box will contain either a breaker or a cut-off that you pull out. Only perform this step when the weather is good and the ground is dry. Disconnect the power, wait ten seconds, and then reconnect the system. Upon power being restored, the system computer will perform diagnostics on the system. These diagnostics will take a few seconds. As part of the diagnostics, the pump will come on and the sprinklers will begin discharging. If the fault light continues to burn after the system is reset, you should place a service call.

  5. When reporting system failures, please indicate the fault being reported.

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